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 Innovative Real Estate Solutions



We listen. We solve problems.  We create win-win solutions. Sometimes it as simple as a fresh perspective. Sometimes creating that win-win requires moving heaven and earth – as well as the local community council.  Whatever it takes to solve the problem, we will find a solution and make it happen.


We are a mid-market value developer, targeting income-producing housing and industrial properties. Our approach enables us to create a diversified portfolio that maximizes profits with a long-term perspective and short-term potential. 


We combine our in-house research, predictive analytics, and local market expertise to identify overlooked trends, investment strategies, and opportunities throughout the real estate cycle.


We are specialists at spotting and capitalizing on overlooked advantages in real estate.

We provide money and specialized knowledge to our network of solution providers.


We address issues present in distressed and unusable properties by creating mutually beneficial solutions.


No problem is too big or small.  We can create a winning solution.

Our Values


Ascendiamo is a private equity firm focused on real estate investments for high-net-worth individuals.

Our typical hold period is three to five years.  We concentrate on style B and C class single-family and multitenant homes built after 1970.  We only buy opportunities that we believe will produce a 70% return on investment for our investors over that time period.  We invest in medium to large cities in Landlord friendly states.  We target low-crime neighborhoods with a minimum of $50.000 in household income. 

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