Developing Innovative Strategies



KodaCon’s approach enables it to create a diversified portfolio that maximizes profits with a long-term perspective and short-term potential.


KodaCon is a mid-market value developer, targeting income-producing housing and industrial properties with both short-term and long-term investment strategies.


KodaCon combines its in-house research, predictive analytics, and local market expertise to identify secular trends, investment strategies and opportunities throughout the real estate cycle.


KodaCon, Inc. (KodaCon) is a private equity firm focused on real estate development for high-net-worth individuals.


The firm seeks to generate superior risk-adjusted returns and capital preservation by investing in assets that provide upside through current income and growth, as well as downside protection through structuring and underlying asset value.


KodaCon uses an investment modeling and analysis approach with an organizational structure that results in our investors getting to opportunities ahead of the market while receiving an unmatched level of service, accountability, and transparency.



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